Jim Broad BA(Hons)

I’m an artist based in Warwick, focusing on figurative and figurative based abstract work and have painted / drawn for as long as I can remember. However I haven’t shown my work until this year. I could say I was refining my technique or focusing on other career paths, both of which could be true.

Art for me has always been private and I’ve only ever done it for myself. There’s always so much of me that goes into each piece whether its different thoughts, emotions, concepts or trying new techniques.

Recently I’ve taken the plunge to show my work publicly. Why? Marrage, children, turning 30, the realisation of life passing too quickly and a drunken promise all potential reasons, however it’s best summed up “if I don’t now, I’ll regret it”.

My work often starts with traditional life drawing sessions either at home or at workshops in pencil/charcoal. I’ll then develop my work digitally on my phone (yes, you read that right) which allows for fast conceptual work, wherever I happen to be. From these ideas I head back to traditional methods. I used to work in acrylics, liking the vibrancy of colour and speed of work but have changed to oils this year. Oils have since become my friend, the slow drying nature allowing me to work on details over consecutive nights. Although, I tend to have several pieces on the go at once, to save me getting angry literally watching paint dry.

Currently my work is focused on life, lore, and our minds.There is always some base underlying concept. I use an exaggerated play on light and form using colour and movement, to bring a piece to life or often amplify it to the point of abstraction.

I prefer to let people see what they want in my pieces. It is much more fun watching them make up their own minds but more information on each piece is available on the relevant page. 

And as always, feel free to get in touch.


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